Social Research Wisdom

Who we are

Social Research Wisdom is part of the WISDOM Centre, an online educational enterprise that has been delivering education and training since 1997. We provide high quality online courses, tailored to the needs of social researchers.

WISDOM is directed by Professor Nick Fox, honorary professor at the University of Sheffield. Until 2009, Nick Fox was director of teaching and learning in the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR).

What we do

Since around 2001, we have worked with the NHS to provide online training direct to individuals for a fraction of the cost of comparable face-to-face courses. More than 1000 NHS staff have completed the courses, while we have also had students from many countries around the world, including South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the UAE.

Our new web site Social Research Wisdom now offers educational courses for social researchers. The flagship course is the Introduction to Social Research Methods. We will be adding further courses in research design, data collection and data analysis in due course.

Apply for a Course

The registration fee for each of our online courses is 250 GB pounds. You may apply at any time.

Read more about our courses, or click here to submit an application.

Privacy policy

You may read our privacy policy here. This explians how we use your data and our compliance with legislation on data protection.